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Tetebatu rice fields tour

Lombok's rice fields are at least as beautiful as Bali's ricefields, especially in the Tetebatu area. Tetebatu's surroundings are still preserved from mass tourism and offer beautiful sceneries. That is why we provide this leisurely trek through the rice fields.

Guided hike in Tetebatu rice fields, waterfalls, and monkey forest

Explore Tetebatu Rice Fields

Discover the enchanting Tetebatu rice fields, surpassing even the beauty of Bali's, nestled in the heart of Lombok. Immerse yourself in the preserved charm of Tetebatu, a haven free from mass tourism, offering breathtaking landscapes. Embark on a leisurely trek through the lush rice fields, exploring Tetebatu's Monkey Forest and hidden waterfalls.

Take a rejuvenating dip amidst the scenic backdrop of Mount Rinjani. Throughout the journey, your guide shares insights in English about local flora, medicinal plants, rice varieties, fruits, and vegetables. 

Cap off your day with a unique experience—learn the art of traditional coffee-making from the locals, who generously share their ancestral recipe. Participate eagerly, crafting your own brew and creating lasting memories. 

A perfect day to invigorate your senses and escape the routine, surrounded by the beauty of Tetebatu rice fields.

Rice Fields Tour Program


The guide will pick you up from your hotel, ensuring that you are well-prepared for a delightful stroll through the picturesque Tetebatu rice fields.
9.30 am
10.30 am

Sarang Walet waterfall

Walk from the hotel to the "Sarang Walet waterfall" and take a refreshing dip in this underground waterfall

Surrounded by nature

Continue the hike among the rice fields and traditional plantations
11.00 am
12.30 pm

Lunch break

Enjoy a Sasak lunch in a local restaurant

Tetebatu Monkey forest

Spot the local black monkeys in Tetebatu's forest
1.30 pm
2.30 pm

Rice Terraces

On the way back, appreciate the magnificent rice terraces

Traditional Coffee process

Experience traditional coffee-making at a friendly family house from the village
4.00 pm