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Your Guide to Tetebatu and Lombok

Unlock the Secrets of Lombok and Tetebatu with Our Informative FAQ Section


Lombok has a tropical climate, characterized by year-round warmth and humidity. The rainy season typically spans from late October to April. Optimal weather conditions occur in the post-rainy season, providing a perfect blend of lush greenery and mild temperatures.

Although July and August are considered high season, Tetebatu remains cool and refreshing throughout the year due to its naturally cool and verdant environment. This makes Tetebatu an excellent destination even during the popular months, offering a serene and pleasant experience.
In Lombok, scooters (motorbikes) are the primary mode of transportation. Having some prior experience in riding one is advisable, given the occasionally challenging driving conditions and the state of the roads. 

At Les Rizières, we offer automatic bikes for rent. For those uncomfortable with scooter riding, we are more than happy to arrange a driver for you. For additional details on transportation, please contact us.


The best way is undoubtedly by foot to slow down and get the most out of the green surroundings of Tetebatu, or if you are sporty, we rent mountain bikes and organize a guided cycling tour. If you have less time, we provide motorbikes for rental also. Not comfortable with motorbike? We got you! We also provide car with a driver.
The Tetebatu area is easily reachable from any other part of Lombok. We can assist you in this matter; we have our vehicle and organize transfers to/from Tetebatu. Check our prices list here. If our vehicle is unavailable, we advise you to download the Bluebird app, and a taxi will be sent to your position.
We advise you to spend at least two nights in Tetebatu and three is ideal if you want take the time to discover the village and relax. We offer quality tours that will make you get the most of the area.
Despite Tetebatu's rich history in tourism dating back to colonial times, it remains relatively undiscovered. As you explore the village, encounters with other tourists are likely to be few, providing a serene and tranquil environment. Tetebatu is the ideal destination to rejuvenate your senses and enjoy a peaceful escape.
Tetebatu is renowned for its natural beauty, featuring picturesque rice fields reminiscent of Ubud's famous terraces. Unlike bustling tourist hubs, Tetebatu offers a serene escape without the crowds. Experience the lush simplicity of this green haven, encounter the local black monkeys in the monkey forest, savor a traditional Sasak lunch, and connect with skilled artisans eager to share their expertise throughout the Tetebatu area.
To enhance your stay with your loved ones, we provide a variety of activities in and around Tetebatu, extending to the coastal areas of East Lombok.
See our activities around Tetebatu
At Les Rizières, we warmly welcome children aged 7 and older. Our common area is equipped with a variety of family games, and we organize family-friendly activities and tours for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, our restaurant is happy to prepare a special children's menu to cater to their tastes.
For hotel and restaurant transactions, payments can be made in cash or by credit card. Please be aware that a 2% fee applies to credit card payments. If you have an Indonesian bank account, transfers are also accepted. However, for activities and rentals, we only accept cash payments.
If you have booked directly, please inform us as soon as possible by email at [email protected] or by WA +62 813 3922 7051
- Free cancellation up to 30 days before arrival.
- 50% charge for cancellations between 30 and 15 days before arrival.
- Full charge for cancellations within 15 days before arrival.
- No-shows will be charged the full reservation amount.
Yes, we serve freshly cook breakfast every morning from 8am to 10:30am.
Yes, upon arrival, simply request the password, and we will be delighted to provide it for you.
No, but we will certainly assist you in connecting with laundry services in the Tetebatu area.
While our water source directly originates from Mount Rinjani, it is not suitable for direct consumption. However, we provide a convenient water gallon in the restaurant for you to refill your bottles.
In Tetebatu village, there are charming local restaurants, and we would be delighted to recommend a few to you. If you need hygiene products, Kotaraja is just a 15-minute drive from Les Rizières.
Les Rizières is nestled in Kembang Kuning, a quaint village adjacent to Tetebatu in East Lombok. Situated at the base of Mount Rinjani amidst lush rice fields, locating us is convenient with Google Maps.
Yes, we provide hot water in each room, ensuring you can indulge in a soothing shower after a day of exploration in Tetebatu.
Regrettably, we do not allow additional pets, as we already have friendly dogs and one cat. The cohabitation might pose challenges with additional animals.
Lombok, renowned as 'the islands of a thousand mosques,' includes the Tetebatu area. There is a mosque in the village, and for your convenience, we provide earplugs. Please be aware that the volume may vary, and we have no control over it.