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Gili Kondo Secret Island Camping

Enjoy a wonderful camping experience on the pristine island of Gili Kondo. Indulge in a beachside barbecue at sunset, wake up to a mesmerizing sunrise, and explore white-sand beaches along with captivating preserved underwater landscapes.

Explore Paradise with a 2-Day Camping Adventure on Gili Kondo

Uncover the Magic of Secret Gili Camping

Immerse yourself in a sublime camping escapade on the untouched haven of Gili Kondo. Revel in the delights of a beachside barbecue at sunset, and awaken to the breathtaking spectacle of sunrise over the pristine shoreline.

Embark on a scenic journey to the secret Gilis of East Lombok, as we chauffeur you to the destination by car. Along the way, pause to marvel at the majestic Lian trees lining the roadside. These ancient giants, believed to be planted in 1668, provide a panoramic view, standing tall at 40 to 50 meters. Remarkably, this unique tree species is exclusive to Australia, Africa, and this region of Lombok.

Upon reaching the harbor, rendezvous with the captain for a 20-minute private boat voyage to your chosen island, be it Gili Kondo or Gili Bidara. Delight in the wonders of vibrant coral reefs, encounter myriad tropical fish, and unwind on the powdery white-sand beaches. Indulge in a delectable seaside lunch surrounded by the azure sea.

As the day winds down, set up your tent, and if weather permits, watch your captain kindle a beachside fire. Savor a grilled fish feast while the sunset casts its radiant hues upon the crystal-clear waters.

Awake to the mesmerizing sunrise the next morning, kick-starting the day with a refreshing swim in Gili Kondo's paradisiacal waters. Dive back into snorkeling, ensuring you make the most of this aquatic haven.

East Lombok Camping Adventure Program


Embark on a captivating journey where we pick you up at 9:30 am from our hotel. Enjoy a scenic drive to "Pantai Kondo" lasting 1.5 hours
9.30 am
10.30 am

Observe Giant Lian Trees

During the journey, make a pause to admire the colossal Lian trees, adding a touch of natural splendor to your experience

Gear Up!

Equip yourself with fins, mask, and snorkel, and prepare for an incredible boat journey as you get ready to dive into the adventure.
11.00 am
11.30 am

Dive In!

Board the boat and immerse yourself in the beauty of coral reefs, snorkeling from the boat near the mangrove and towards the tiny island of Gili Kapal.

Lunch & Leisure at Gili Bidara

Indulge in a delightful lunch at "Gili Bidara" followed by the choice of either beachside snorkeling or simply basking in the sun.
1.00 pm
2.30 pm

Setup camping ground

Reach "Gili Kondo" establish your tents, and enjoy a dinner gathering around a campfire.

Sunrise by the beach

On the following day, indulge in breakfast and seaside leisure until 10 am.
6.00 pm