Les Rizieres Lombok is located quite in the middle of Lombok, in the village of Kembang Kuning near Tetebatu, about 15 kilometers in linear distance south from the summit of the Mount Rinjani, about 1.5 hours from Kuta and its pristine white sandy beaches. Tetebatu and the surrounding areas are mainly known for its many fertile green rice terraces and paddies, the bonus is the enchanting beauty of the scenery which has the charm of mountainous landscapes and rice fields terraces. These will most probably remind you of "Ubud of Bali". Laced with spring-fed streams emanating from the slopes of Rinjani and blessed with rich volcanic soil, Tetebatu is a Sasak breadbasket. The surrounding countryside is quilted with tobacco and rice fields, fruit orchards and cow pastures that fade into remnant monkey forest gushing with waterfalls. Tetebatu's sweet climate is ideal for long country walks (at 550m it's high enough to mute that hot, sticky coastal mercury). Dark nights come saturated with sound courtesy of a frog orchestra accompanied by countless gurgling brooks.  Even though Tetebatu is always green and looks nice even in cloudy weather, the spectacular view of the mountain panorama makes it even more impressive in clear skies. That’s why it’s better to visit Tetebatu early in the morning. Then it is more likely that it’s not so cloudy and you can fully enjoy the view of the Mount Rinjani. Tetebatu makes an excellent base from which to appreciate small-town life and explore the centre of the island. You can also arrange ascents of Rinjani here. 

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